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各位朋友, 美国华人石油协会即将于HOUSTON召开2007年石油与石化技术年会.


Renaissance® Houston Hotel Greenway Plaza.
6 Greenway Plaza East,
Houston, Texas 77046 USA,
Phone: 1-713-629-1200

The reception dinner on Friday will be held at Fung’s Kitchen Seafood Restaurant. (7320 S.W. FWY., Suite 115, Houston, TX 77074, Tel: 713-779-2288). Please note registration/social for the Friday dinner will start at 6:30pm and the dinner will start promptly at 7 pm.

2007 Global Chinese Petroleum and Petrochemical Technical Symposium
The Houston Renaissance Hotel, Nov. 16 – 18
Symposium Chairman – Dr. Ben Wang, 王斌博士
Technical Program Chairman - Dr. JC Wan, 万季春博士

Friday Afternoon (Nov. 16)
1:00- 2:00pm: Registration
2:00-3:00pm: CAPA Honorary Board Meeting
3:00-5:00pm: 2007 GCPPTS Social Hours (VIPS and Sponsors)
7:00–9:30pm: CAPA Reception Dinner

Saturday Morning
7:30-8:00am: Registration
Keynote Speakers 8:00 am – 12:00pm (Nov. 17)
Opening Remarks
Dr. Ben Wang , President of CAPA and Chairman of 2007 GCPPTS
王斌博士, CAPA 2007 会长, 2007 GCPPTS 主席

2) CNPC – Mr. Yan, Sanzhong, CAPA Honorary BOD Member
阎三忠 , 中国石油天然气集团公司咨询中心主任 , CAPA 荣誉董事

3) 中国石化持续发展的战略举措
王基铭 , 中国石油化工股份有限公司顾问 , 中国工程院院士 , CAPA 荣誉董事
Sinopec's Perspective: Strategic Approaches in Pursuing Sustainable Development
Mr. Wang, Jiming, CAPA Honorary BOD Member

Break (30 min.)

4) 台湾中油的经营现况与未来发展
林正雄, 台湾中油股份有限公司/副总经,CAPA 荣誉董事
The current operations and future development of CPC-Taiwan,
Mr. Lin, Cheng-Shyong, VP, CPC-Taiwan, CAPA Honorary Board Member

5) CNOOC – Mr. Zhu, Weilin, Executive VP, CNOOC Limited, Chief Geologist

6) 中国煤层气产业新进展
孙茂远, 中联煤层气有限责任公司董事长, CAPA 荣誉董事
The latest development of the coal bed methane industry in China
Mr. Sun, Maoyuan, Chairman, CUCBM, CAPA Honorary Board Member

Saturday Luncheon: 午餐特邀报告 (45 min.) 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Current petroleum Exploration Trends: Prudent Investments or Irrational Exuberance
Mr. Kurt Rudolph, Chief Scientist, ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Saturday afternoon Invited Speakers 1:30pm – 5:30pm
Energy Geopolitics
Prof. Michael Economides, University of Houston

2) Energy Security
Mr. Robert Pease, President, Shell Trading Company

3) Keys to Successfully Competing as an Independent E&P Company
Mr. Phil Loader, Anadarko Exploration Vice President, Anadarko Corporation

Break (30min.)

4) 全球化为中国石油带来的技术机遇与挑战
刘振武, CNPC, 集团公司科技发展部主任
The Technology Opportunities and Challenges Brought to CNPC in the Face of Globalization
Mr. Liu, Zhenwu, Director of Technology Development Center, CNPC

5) 台湾中油在高油价下之营?#092;策略,
林茂文,台湾中油股份有限公司/ 副总经理
CPC Corporate Strategy under High Oil Prices
Mr. Lin, Maw-Wen; Vice President, CPC Corporation, Taiwan

6) 世界天然气产需平衡的新动向 – 着重于液化天然气(LNG)的成长地区
邱震华 博士, 黄兴位 博士
The Latest Trend of Supply and Demand in World Natural Gas Market – Focus on Areas of Liquefied Natural Gas Growth
Dr. Chiu, Chen-Hwa and Dr. Stanley Huang

Saturday 6:30 – 10:30pm, Rockets Game, Toyota Center, Dinner included (Houston Rockets versus Phoenix Suns),

Technical Program At a Glance

Sunday Technical Sessions (3 Parallel Sessions, 30 min. each presentation) (Nov. 18)

Sunday Morning
7:30-8:00am: Registration
8:00am – 12:00pm
Session 1

Grow Reserve through High Cost Projects
Session Chairs: Sheng, Pinping, 沈平平 (CNPC), Li Yu, 李玉 (CAPA)
1A CO2捕集、埋藏及提高采收率研究, 沈平平 (CNPC), 石油学会常务理事,石油工程专业委员会主任
The gathering and storage of CO2 and its usage in enhancing oil recovery, Mr. Shen, Ping-Ping, CNPC

1B The Science and Art of Crude Oil Recovery via Air Injection Technology, Mr. Demetrios V. Yannimaras, BP

1C 低渗透砂岩油藏井网加密研究与实践, 陈光梅 (SINOPEC)
Study and application on well pattern thickening for low-permeability sandstone reservoir, Cheng, Gong-Mei, Sinopec

Break (30 min.)
1D 实现我国煤层气产业化发展的探索, 郭本广, 中联煤层气有限责任公司(CUCBM)
Realization of efficient productivity of coal bed methane in China, Guo Benguang, CUCBM

1E A Novel EOR Technology: Improved Oil Recovery by Low Salinity Waterflooding, Dr. Guo-Qing “Tom” Tang, Chevron Energy Technology Company

1F 胜利油田高温高盐油藏聚合物驱油技术研究与应用, 祝仰文, 胜利油田 (SINOPEC)
Polymer Flooding under the Circumstances of High Temperature and High Salinity at Shengli Oilfield , Zhu, Yangwen, SINOPEC

1G 美国墨西哥湾面对高温高压的新挑战, 李玉, BP America
New Challenges for Gulf of Mexico in High Pressure and High Temperature

Session 2

Stretch the limit of Production Technology
Session Chair: Zhang Qing, 张青CAPA
2A 超深水油气开发新技术及其在项目中的应用, 王晋,Technip, 美国, 休斯顿
Deepwater Technologies & Project Applications, Dr. Wang, Jin, Technip, USA

2B 海洋油田开发的关键技术─水下生产技术, 黄培山; 水下生产技术工程公司; 美国休斯顿
Offshore Field Development Enabler, Peter Huang, Subsea Engineering, Inc.

2C An Overview of Current Practices and Technology Trends for Offshore Well Completion, Artifical Lift, and Flow Assurance, Dr. Tang, Yula, Chevron

Break: 30 min.

2D 钻井设计中地应力的应用—减少因为井壁不稳定性和漏失所引起的钻井问题
Incorporating Geomechanics into the Well Design Process - Reducing drilling downtime due to wellbore instability and lost circulation, Ai, Huirong and Peter O’Conor, GeoMechanics International

2E Using Production Log to Calibrate Horizontal Wells in Reservoir Simulation, Dr. Wang, Yuandong , Schlumberger

2F Light Weight / Composite Material and Technology - An Enabler for Ultra deep Water Drilling and Production, King Him Lo; Shell International E&P

2G Importance of Front End Development Process for Large & Complex Offshore Projects in Frontier Regions by Dr. Jane Zhang (张青); Shell E&P

Session 3

Global Business Strategy, Operation, and Marketing
Session Chairs: Song, Yi-Wu, 宋亦武 (CNPC), Eva Chu, 朱少玲 (CAPA)
3A 中国石油的海外并购之路
宋亦武,(CNPC) 中国石油天然气勘探开发公司副总经理
黄瑜, (CNPC) 勘探开发公司总经济师
Petro-China’s approach to the overseas’ asset merger/acquisition, Mr. Song, Yi-Wu, Mr. Huang, Yu, (CNPC)

3B 管理非本公司营运的油气合作项目, 张大海博士
Management of Non-Operated Joint Ventures, Dr. Chang, Dahai, Shell

3C 中国进口原油现状及未来发展趋势, 熊愚, CNPC, 国际事业有限公司总会计师
The current status and outlook of crude oil trading, Mr. Xiong, Yu, (CNPC)

Break: 30 min.
3D 新时期世界石油工业面临的挑战及国家石油公司与国际石油公司竞合关系, 张卫忠, CNPC 经济技术研究院发展战略研究所副所长
The challenges of global oil industry in the new era and the competitive and collaborative relationship between national oil companies and international oil companies, Mr. Zhang, Weizhong, CNPC

3E Real Options Analysis in the Energy Industry, Wang Lei, Shell

3F 建立有效的能源风险管理和能源交易组织部 – 扬晓卓, 牛健人 (西南财经大学中国金融中心)
Establish Effective and Efficient Energy Risk Management and Energy Trading Program, Sean Yang and Prof. Niu, Jianren, South Western University of Finance and Economics; Department of Mathematics, Sichuan University

3G A System View on GTL Diesel as a Global Green Alternative Fuel, Dr. Jonathan Kwan, Quanelle

Sunday Luncheon 午餐特邀报告 (45 min)
全球钻井服务产业的演化以及钻井服务业的供需弹性, 苏柏斌, Nabors 副总裁
Global Drilling Industry and the Elasticity of Supply and Demand
Mr. Bob SuPopin, Vice President, Business and Processes of Nabors Drilling

Sunday Afternoon 1:30pm – 5:30pm
Session 4

Grow Reserve through Exploration
Session Chairs: Wu, Ming Shyan, 吴明贤 (CPC-Taiwan), Liu Jianlei,刘建磊 (CAPA)
4A 前期到后期勘探周期中油气聚集理念之演化: 加拿大西部沉积盆地之案例解析
Play Evolution in the Exploration and Exploitation Life-Cycle: Examples from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Dr. Huang, Jie, Hess Corporation

4B 铁砧山构造油气移栖机制之探讨
吴明贤1,2胡?#092;城2邱仲信1吴素慧1王干盈2 周学良1 庄恭周1张国雄1郭政隆1黄旭灿1
1台湾中油股份有限公司探采研究所;2国立中央大学地球物理研究所 (CPC-Taiwan)
Mechanism Study of the Hydrocarbon Migration in the Tien-Chen-Shan structure, Taiwan ”

4C 西非安哥拉深海区块15 Xkombia油田的快速开发中地下油藏之所学,周达博士,傅依健博士
The Subsurface Learnings from a Successful Fast Track Development of Xikomba Field in Deepwater Angola Block 15, Dr. Zhou, Da and Dr. Foo, E-Chien, ExxonMobil

Break: 30 min.

4D 苏北盆地高邮凹陷复杂断块群滚动勘探的做法及技术, 钟思锳, 江苏油田分公司 (SINOPEC)
The exploitation approaches and techniques in the highly faulted complex structures in the Gaoyou depression of Subei Basin, Zhong Siying, SINOPEC

4E 中国近期的大气田发现对国家能源结构及以后天然气勘探的影响, 谢晨霞; 马拉松石油公司
Recent Significant Gas Discoveries in China: Influence on National Energy Structure and Future Gas Exploration, Xie, Chenxia, Marathon Oil

4F 埃克森美孚直接油气识别技术的规范流程: 方法及应用, 张梅
ExxonMobil's Best DHI Practices: Methodology and Applications, Zhang, Mei, ExxonMobil

4G 湖相滩坝砂岩油藏储层预测研究,栾春华, 刘磊 (SINOPEC)
Reservoir prediction in the Lacustrine shoreface sandstones, Luan Chuhua and Liu, Lei, SINOPEC

Session 5

Downstream Chemicals & Refineries, Process Control
Session Chairs: Liu, Yue 刘跃 (Sinopec), Linn Fang, 方少林 (CAPA)
5A 加氢裂化装置用能分析及节能途径探讨, 张英, 中国石化股份有限公司抚顺石油化工研究院, 辽宁抚顺 (SINOPEC)
Energy Utilization Analysis and Energy-saving Measures Study of Hydrocracking, Zhang, Ying, R&D Center-Fushun, SINOPEC

5B 触媒裂解植物油生产燃料及石化原料可行性研究
许峰彰*, 康文成 魏国铭 邱虹梓 施呈杰 洪正宗 沈宏俊;台湾中油股份有限公司炼制研究所
The Feasibility of Catalytic Cracking of Vegetable Oils for Synthetic Fuels and Petrochemical Feedstock, W. Kang et al, CPC Refining Technology Center, CPC-Taiwan

5C 烯烃催化聚合技术进展, 王熙, 中国石油化工股份有限公司北京化工研究院 (SINOPEC) Advances in Catalytic Polymerization of Olefins, Xi Wang, SINOPEC R&D Center-Beijing

Break: 30 min.
5D 急冷骨架铁费托合成催化剂的研究, 张晓昕, 中国石油化工股份有限公司石油化工科学研究院,北京, SINOPEC
Rapidly quenched skeletal Fe-based catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch, Zhang, Xiaoxin, SINOPEC R&D Center-Beijing

5E 先进过程控制在炼油厂主要装置上的应用结果, Jeff Yu, Predictive Control Technology, Inc.
Results of Advanced Process Control Applications for Major Refinery, Jeff Yu, Predictive Control Technology, Inc.

5F 清洁油品生产与生物能源的发展, 张彦, CNPC, 股份炼油与销售分公司炼油处副处长
The production of cleaner oil products and the development of bio-fuel, Mr. Zhang, Yan, CNPC

5G Outlook of Refining Businesses in North America
Karl Bartholomew; Jacobs Consultancy

Session 6

Alternative Energy and Renewable Fuels
Session Chairs: Lei, Qun, 雷群 (CNPC), Niu Tianyan,牛天艳 (CAPA)
6A 台湾地区生质燃料推动现况与趋势
陈中邦 林坤海 何永盛 沈宏俊; 台湾中油(股)公司炼制研究所
The current advancement and the trend of bio-fuels in Taiwan

6B 中国新能源资源潜力的前景展望, 雷群, CNPC 勘探院廊坊分院院长
Resource Potential and Future of New Energies in China, Lei, Qun, CNPC

6C 台湾西南海域天然气水合物赋存区探勘前景
The exploration future of gas hydrate in the Southwestern Offshore of Taiwan, CPC-Taiwan

Break: 30 min.
6D 加快生物燃油的生产,迎接新的挑战, 刘运权, 美国雪佛龙石油公司能源技术分公司
Accelerating Biofuel Production to Meet the New Challenges, Yunquan Liu, Chevron Energy Technology Company

6E 未来清洁和安全的能源资源-天然气水合物, Dr. Jonathan Kwan, Quanelle 
Methane Hydrates - Clean and Secured Energy for the Future, Dr. Jonathan Kwan, Quanelle

6F 高油价,新挑战,积极开拓新能源技术领域, 孙丽丽, 中国石化工程建设公司, SINOPEC.
New Challenge Due to High Oil Price, Exploiting New Energy Field Sun Lili, SINOPEC Engineering Inc.

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